Old startups never die, they just fade away

OK, sometimes they die. But there’s a lot more fading away.

The startup world is like an iceberg — you only see the small bit that pops above the surface. The big ones that made it, that got major press, the ones you signed up for, the ones you really used, that you know personally or that had major flame outs. Those, you hear about. But most of the mass of the startup world sits below the surface and is unseen. A small startup might be known in its local community, or in a niche or just among friends of the founders. And of course, sometimes they never launch at all.

I remember going to startup events in 2009, when the community was much smaller in NYC than it is today. Once in a while I think back to some of the startups I saw pitch back then and then visit their sites to see what’s new. What do I get? “Domain for sale” or an outdated blog and no progress.

That’s the fade away. Part of the startup circle of life.

But it’s ok to have done that, as long as you’re learning and will use what you’ve learned the next time you’re out there.
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