Why I don’t write about startup news

When I was in college I used to spend 2 hours a day reading newspapers. I’d start with the NY Times, go to the Wall Street Journal, maybe pick up the Financial Times, El Mundo, South China Morning Post, or for kicks People’s Daily.

Few of those news stories meant anything lasting to me. I should have spent that time talking to real people instead. 

For years now, I’ll go for days without keeping up to date on breaking news and it hasn’t made much of a difference to my work. If anything, my mind is clearer and I’m able to focus on the important. That’s why I don’t write about real startup news. 

Plus, there are plenty of other people who do it better than me; I can’t keep up with the constant updates anyway; and I think it’s better to slow down news intake. 

As Peter Drucker said in an NPR interview, it takes 20 years to really tell if a president was mostly good or bad. So even if it’s only 2 years for a startup, the deciding can take more time than the moments we have before tweeting it out.
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