Mentor Visit – Michael Michelini

Michael Michelini is one of those people I met first via Twitter and only afterward in person. And while I hadn’t met him in person until last week I felt that I knew him already — because he tweets and blogs constantly (especially on startups and street food).

Michael left Wall Street five years ago and threw himself into the China startup scene, running Startup Weekends, consulting on social media, running a Startup Tuesday event in ShenZhen, and in general helping out wherever he sees a need. He’s a great connector. I was happy that he was able to visit as a mentor.

At Startup Bootcamp, Michael gave a primer on social media, the differences between Chinese and US social media, and introduced the group to a few tools for them to use. He also introduced his new startup, Weibo Agent, a tool to get you started in Chinese social media. I think he’s got a great market there. Shows that you should play to your strengths.

Michael also stopped by Bootcamp later in the day to continue the discussion. That’s another thing I love about the startup community — even though in theory we could do everything online, a lot of information and learning is exchanged by being there in person.

Thanks, Michael. I’m sure we’ll see you soon.

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