Startup Advisory

Startup Advisory is an individualized Advisory service, based on my time leading a funded startup accelerator, an incubator and teaching entrepreneurship at USC. The Advisory program is tailored for your company. We currently work with funded startups and enterprises. Typical program and fees fit into one of these options:

  • Intensive corporate workshops (starting at $50,000),
  • One-off group speaking engagements (starting at $10,000),
  • Individual advisory sessions on a weekly basis (starting at $5,000/month).

Here are some articles about the program as it evolved in Forbes and TechCrunch.

Contact here to discuss. We work with companies where there is mutual fit.

Who is Startup Advisory for?

This is for you if you fit any of these profiles:

  • You’re part of a funded startup, care about results and need perspective as you grow,
  • You’re part of a corporate team charged with continuing to innovate in your field,
  • You’re looking for an experienced speaker on startup and corporate entrepreneurship.

We know that guidance can make a big difference in success rate. The work is led by Paul Orlando, a professor of entrepreneurship with experience in startup and corporate innovation.


Guidance that matters.