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What started as a program for groups (called Bootcamp) has become an individualized Advisory service. The Advisory program functions like a part-time accelerator tailored just to you. Your work will be pulled apart and challenged. You will test with potential customers and validate your assumptions through experiments. This is usually a virtual program, which means that most individual contact is via calls and email.

Here are some articles about the program as it evolved in ForbesThe Next WebTech in AsiaAmCham Magazine and TechNode.

Contact here to apply on a rolling basis. We only work with startups where there is mutual fit.

Who is Startup Advisory for?

This is for you if you fit any of these profiles:

  • You’re working on a startup and want to speed up the rate at which you learn
  • You’re coachable and willing to try new methods and ideas.
  • You want to build your startup where you live.


A general sample of content follows. Content is tailored to each participant.

Before we begin. We’ll discuss your goals. You’ll receive content on lean startup and customer development techniques. Submit a business model canvas.

Discovery. How to use customer development and lean startup methodology. Building a Minimum Viable Product. Experiments to run that will help you learn. Solve problems rather than build features. Customer interviews. Case studies. Iterate on your business model with tests.

Building. Take what your learning from your experiments, customer interviews and other sources to start to build a solution. Forming hypotheses and experimentation. How to translate your findings to your design and business. Use A/B testing, direct observation and mockups.

Demoing. Bring together what you’ve done to be able to demo publicly, if applicable. Take what you’ve learned about your market and customers; take what you’ve built (or are building) to solve their problems; develop how you will form a sustainable business; and become a stronger presenter.

Follow up. We continue to stay in touch and are available as a resource to you.

Who’s behind this and why are you doing this?

We’re a collection of entrepreneurs and investors who believe that guidance can make a big difference in startup success rates. We focus on doing what’s best for startup founders because we’re founders ourselves. The program is run by Paul Orlando, who also started Hong Kong’s first startup accelerator, AcceleratorHK. We’ve formally worked with 30 startups intensely and with many more on a less intense basis. Contact Paul with questions.

How do you choose which startups you work with?

We look for founders who are trying to solve real problems or create meaningful innovations. Show us that you’re coachable, that you’ve thought through your business and are willing to try new things. We’ve had everyone from serial entrepreneurs, university students, and people with decades of experience in their industry.

Can I do this part-time? What if I’m still working full-time?

Part-time is fine as long as you take it seriously and participate.

Will you protect my intellectual property?

We won’t show your application or work to anyone unless you request. That being said, if you look around you’ll probably see that there probably are similar ideas in existence around the world. That’s ok, because execution is more important. Because we accept applications from anyone who wants to apply, we do not sign NDAs. Only disclose what you want if you’re not comfortable. But really, you should feel comfortable.

When you are ready, contact us here.