Advisory & Consulting

We offer this service based on my time leading a funded startup accelerator and an incubator, teaching as a professor of entrepreneurship, and of course running my own startup in the past. We currently work with funded startups and enterprises. Fees usually fit into one of these options:

  • Intensive multi-week corporate workshops and consulting (typically $50,000),
  • Intensive group speaking engagements (typically $10,000),
  • Individual advisory and data analysis sessions on a weekly basis (typically $5,000/month).

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Who is Our Advisory for?

This is for you if you fit any of these profiles:

  • You’re part of a funded startup, care about results and need perspective and objective analysis of results as you grow,
  • You’re part of a corporate team charged with continuing to innovate in your field,
  • You’re looking for an experienced speaker on startup and corporate entrepreneurship.

We know that guidance can make a big difference in success rate. The work is led by Paul Orlando, a professor of entrepreneurship with experience in startup and corporate growth. We protect client anonymity and in general, do not share the names of the companies that we advise. 


  • 50 companies in startup advisory portfolio. Founding Director of first startup accelerator in Hong Kong. Raised money to support investments and operations. Portfolio exit. Founded USC Incubator. Portfolio exit.
  • Professor of entrepreneurship at USC. Created and teaches USC’s only class on growth hacking (analytical marketing).
  • Has looked at close to a thousand startups.

Two types of work

  • Company advising, including on product development, strategy and funding. Usually structured around a weekly meeting where both client and I have deliverables.
  • Quantitative data analysis, including on customer lifetime value, customer acquisition, and retention.

Sample client projects

  • Prepare company for acquisition. Helped an early-stage online-to-offline company grow to the point of being an attractive acquisition target and then assess options before choosing an acquirer.
  • Growth strategy for a transportation app. Helped grow an international transportation app to the point where a global competitor researched and later acquired them.
  • Improved customer upgrades to premium for a mobile app developer. Identified which free users of a mobile app with millions of downloads were most likely to upgrade. Our client then targeted these users selectively in order to increase revenue.
  • Improved customer retention for a loyalty program. This client had never modified their actions based on automatically collected customer data. We did an assessment of which customers were most profitable and worth keeping as frequent visitors.
  • Improved customer lifetime value for a gaming software company. This client had never looked at customer data. We assessed their current state and enacted several changes that increased customer margins.
  • Reduced customer acquisition costs for a communications app. We calculated the customer acquisition costs of each acquisition channel and the corresponding lifetime values. This enabled our client to focus resources where they had the greatest impact.

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